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  1. ACOG Opinion on Noninvasive Prenatal Genetic Testing

    Noninvasive Prenatal Testing for Fetal Aneuploidy ABSTRACT: Noninvasive prenatal testing that uses cell free fetal DNA from the plasma of pregnant women offers tremendous potential as a screening tool for fetal aneuploidy. Cell free fetal DNA testing should be an informed patient choice after pretest counseling and should not be...
  2. Choosing to Participate in Prenatal Screening for Down Syndrome

    New prenatal screening test for Down syndrome raises questions LEISA SCOTT IT RAINED the day they got the news. Big, pelting drops, as if some screenwriter well-versed in melodrama was dictating the scene. Annie Love couldn’t take the call. She’d been going “slowly nuts” waiting for diagnosis day to arrive...

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History of the Logo

History of the Logo

Rosalin Franklin

The Ravgen logo pays homage to the genetic pioneers whose discoveries advanced scientific knowledge in the 20th century, but whose full impact lies in the decades ahead. Most notable among these is British molecular biologist, Rosalind Elsie Franklin (1920-1958).

Rosalin Franklin 2

Her groundbreaking work in X-ray crystallography – and, in fact, one pivotal 1952 photograph – led directly to Watson and Crick’s understanding and publication of the double helix structure of DNA.

The dots emanating from the base of the V in Ravgen symbolize the image of DNA captured by Franklin and described by molecular physicist and crystallographer, J. D. Bernal, as “among the most beautiful X-ray photographs of any substance ever taken.”