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  1. ACOG Opinion on Noninvasive Prenatal Genetic Testing

    Noninvasive Prenatal Testing for Fetal Aneuploidy ABSTRACT: Noninvasive prenatal testing that uses cell free fetal DNA from the plasma of pregnant women offers tremendous potential as a screening tool for fetal aneuploidy. Cell free fetal DNA testing should be an informed patient choice after pretest counseling and should not be...
  2. Choosing to Participate in Prenatal Screening for Down Syndrome

    New prenatal screening test for Down syndrome raises questions LEISA SCOTT IT RAINED the day they got the news. Big, pelting drops, as if some screenwriter well-versed in melodrama was dictating the scene. Annie Love couldn’t take the call. She’d been going “slowly nuts” waiting for diagnosis day to arrive...


Ravgen offers noninvasive prenatal genetic testing and noninvasive prenatal DNA paternity testing to patients throughout the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. Testing can be done as early as 8 weeks into pregnancy and requires only a safe blood draw from the pregnant mother.

Please contact us at (410) 715-2111 to make convenient arrangements for you in your location.

Ravgen Inc. Headquarters

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(410) 715-2111

Ravgen’s headquarters is in Columbia, Maryland where our research and development laboratory is located and where our patient samples are processed. We help patients from all parts of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. Please call us to learn more about our noninvasive prenatal testing and to make arrangements for you in your area.

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