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Prenatal Genetic Testing

Ravgen was founded with the goal of developing fetal DNA sequencing methods for patients seeking a prenatal test which is both safe during pregnancy and highly accurate. The key to developing this technology lies in Ravgen’s ability to increase the percentage of fetal DNA present in blood from the pregnant mother. Increasing the percentage of fetal DNA in a tube of blood from the mother is the first step towards the development of noninvasive prenatal diagnostic testing for many genetic disorders such as Downs syndrome. Current applications for noninvasive prenatal testing include single gene disorders such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, the Eastern European Jewish panel, and paternity testing.

Please visit the specific page for each noninvasive prenatal test to learn more about our research and testing. Ravgen welcomes inquiries regarding prenatal tests which are not seen here as our laboratory is continuously moving forward in this field.