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With the goal of changing the paradigm of prenatal diagnostics, Ravgen was founded in 2000 by Dr. Ravinder Dhallan, M.D./Ph.D., M.B.A., a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The current paradigm is almost exclusively focused on Downs syndrome testing, however, there are many other genetic conditions and reasons to offer patients prenatal diagnosis. For example, there are hundreds of single gene disorders, such as cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia among others, which can be better treated with early diagnosis. Dr. Dhallan and his team have spent the last decade working with fetal DNA present in the mother’s blood developing safe, noninvasive tests to expand upon the current options available to patients.
The Journal of the American Medical Association

The Journal of the American Medical Association

The Lancet

The Lancet

New England Journal of Medicine

New England Journal of Medicine

About the Publications

Ravgen’s work has been published in widely recognized and internationally accepted, peer reviewed journals. View our publications on noninvasive fetal DNA testing by clicking on the images to the right. Ravgen has been published in many medical publications such as: The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet and The Journal of the American Medical Association.You can also visit the news page to see other publications that Ravgen has been published in.

Featured News Articles

The New York Times

Before Birth Dad’s ID

“It is an uncomfortable question that, in today’s world, is often asked by expectant mothers who had more than one male partner at the time they became pregnant. Who is the father? Now blood tests are becoming available that can determine paternity as early as the eighth or ninth week of pregnancy, without an invasive procedure that could cause a miscarriage.” (The New York Times, 19 June 2012) Read More…

CNN Fortune Small Business

A Better Prenatal Test

“Life was proceeding as planned for Ravinder Dhallan, or so it seemed. Having earned doctorates in medicine and biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins University, he had just started a radiation oncology residency at Massachusetts General Hospital. On the home front Dhallan and his wife, Hejung Christine Chang, had a daughter, and they were eager to see their family grow.” (CNN Fortune Small Business, 12 September 207) Read More…

The Prosecution of Michael Roseboro

In 2008, our Prenatal DNA Paternity technology was used in the prosecution of the Michael Roseboro murder trial of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Click the link to the right to see a description of how our Non-invasive Prenatal DNA Paternity Test was used in this case as told by true-crime novelist, M. William Phelps, in his 2011 book on this case. (Love Her To Death, M.William Phelps) Read More…